The Daily News | September 7

New York Post Office Building opened to the public, 1914
ESPN debuted, 1979
Boxer Protocol signed, officially ending Boxer Rebellion, 1901
Keith Moon died, 1978
First female tennis grand slam winner (Maureen Connolly), 1953
London blitz launched, 1940
Sigmund Freud began a series of lectures at Clark University, 1909
First settlement at Boston, 1630
Walter Johnson pitched a third consecutive shutout in four days, 1908
US Football Hall of Fame dedicated, 1963
Michigan forest fires caused a “Yellow Day” in the Northeast, 1881
F. Scott Fitzgerald met Zelda Sayre, 1918
Willie Shoemaker broke the all time horse racing win record (6033), 1970
G. Gordon Liddy released from prison, 1977
Nolan Ryan became the first pitcher officially clocked over 100 MPH, 1974
Brazil declared independence from Portugal, 1822
America’s first motor vehicle track races run (Narragansett Park, Rhode Island), 1896
John Greenleaf Whittier, American poet, died, 1892
Desmond Tutu installed as first black leader of Anglican Church in southern Africa, 1986
Ivor Armstrong Richards, author and critic, died, 1979