The Daily News | September 8

Richard Georg Strauss, German composer, died, 1949
Malta defeated the Turks, 1565
First Miss America crowned (Margaret Gorman), 1921
Theosophical Society founded, 1875
Roy Wilkins, ex NAACP executive director, died, 1981
“Star Trek” debuted (NBC), 1966
USA WEEKEND, weekly newspaper feature, debuted, 1985
Japan signed a formal peace treaty, 1951
Willard Frank Libby, inventor of “carbon dating,” died, 1980
First German V-2 rocket hit Britain, 1944
Hurricane and tidal wave struck Galveston, Texas (10,000 killed), 1900
Mission San Gabriel Archangel founded, 1771
Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to British (later renamed New York), 1664
Gerald R. Ford pardoned Richard M. Nixon, 1974
An early version of “The Pledge of Allegiance” appeared in print, 1892
Ann Lee, founder of the Shaker sect, died, 1784
First circumnavigation of the globe completed (Juan de Elcano, Spain), 1522
“Blondie” (comic strip) first appeared, 1930
Bert Campaneris (Kansas City) played all nine positions in one baseball game, 1965
Huey Pierce Long, Louisiana Governor, shot, 1935