The Daily News | September 6

Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, wife of Thomas Jefferson, died, 1782
Ernest Tubb died, 1984
First major league team to score 18 runs in an inning (Chicago), 1883
First submarine attack, 1776
Hendrik Verwoerd, South African Prime Minister stabbed to death, 1966
“Ballyhoo” opened (New York), 1932
“Top Hat,” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, released, 1935
“Dreadful Hurry Cane,” (Virginia), 1667
Baltic States’ independence recognized by the Soviet government, 1991
Swaziland attained national independence, 1968
Word received that Robert Peary had reached the North Pole and died, 1909
Women’s Right’s Convention met (New York), 1853
Margaret (Higgins) Sanger, founder of US birth control movement, died, 1966
World’s Temperance Convention met (New York), 1853
First Americans reached the summit of K2 (James Wickwire and Louis Reichardt), 1978
Henry David Thoreau ended his stay at Walden Pond, 1847
Martina Navratilova, Czechoslovakian tennis star requested US political asylum, 1975
The Soviet Union admitted shooting down KAL flight 007, 1983
Groundbreaking for world’s first nuclear power plant (Shippingport, Pennsylvania), 1954
William McKinley, 25th president, shot (Buffalo, New York), 1901