The Daily News | June 29

Bob Crane, actor (“Hogan’s Heroes”), murdered, 1978
US first bombed Hanoi, 1966
Ignace Jan Paderewski, Polish composer and pianist, died, 1941
Thomas Henry Huxley died, 1895
Joseph Aloysius Hansom, English inventor of the cab, died, 1882
First US to Hawaii flight, 1927
First high jump over seven feet (Charles Dumas, Los Angeles), 1956
Townshend Review Act approved, 1767
Last US troops were withdrawn from Cambodia into South Vietnam, 1970
“Moonraker” released in the US, 1979
Charlotte Bronte, English novelist, married Arthur Bell Nicholls, 1854
Gadsden Purchase ratified by US Senate, 1853
Charles Stephen Brooks, essayist and author of travel books, died, 1934
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, English poet, died, 1861
US Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment (as then practiced) was unconstitutional, 1972
The Globe Theater (London) burned to the ground, 1613
No-hitter thrown in each baseball league for the first time (Dave Stewart (A’s) beat Blue Jays, Fernando Valenzuela (Dodgers) beat Cardinals, 1990
Parliament prohibited tobacco growing in England, 1620