The Daily News | June 30

WPA (Works Progress Administration) terminated, 1943
Forbes Field opened, 1909
Fire at Hoboken (New Jersey) docks (326 killed), 1900
Explosion over Siberia, 1908
China and Soviet Union announced split over ideology, 1960
“Teapot Dome” scandals, 1924
Extended deadline for ratification of the ERA expired, 1982
Chevrolet Corvette introduced, 1953
US troops moved from Japan to help defend South Korea, 1950
“Gone With the Wind” published, 1936
George Robert Phillips (Spanky McFarland), actor, died, 1993
Crew of Soyuz 11 (USSR) died on reentry, 1971
Charles Blondin walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, 1859
Meat Inspection Act passed by US Congress, 1906
“The Guiding Light” debuted on TV (previously on radio), 1952
James Dewar, inventor of the Twinkie, died, 1985
General James Edward Oglethorpe, colonizer of Georgia, died, 1785
Republic of the Congo granted independence, 1960
Charles J. Guiteau, assassin of James Abram Garfield, hanged, 1882
First presidential library dedicated (FDR), 1941
26th US Constitutional Amendment (18 year olds vote) ratified, 1971
Sumner tunnel (Boston, Massachusetts) opened, 1934
Transistor as a substitute for Radio tubes announced (Bell Labs), 1948
Lee deForest, “the father of radio,” died, 1961
First woman graduated from a US accredited law school (Ada Kepley, Union College of Law in Chicago), 1870
Pure Food and Drugs Act passed by US Congress, 1906