The Daily News | June 28

First native American knight dubbed (William Phipps), 1687
Battle of Monmouth (New Jersey), 1778
Daniel Decatur Emmett, songwriter (“Dixie”), died, 1904
Harry Truman married Bess Wallace, 1919
Frank Sutton, actor (“Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”), died, 1974
James Madison, 4th US president, died, 1836
Helen Keller graduated with honors from Radcliffe College, 1904
Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi began, 1862
First case of cholera (beginning of epidemic) in New York, 1832
Treaty of Versailles signed ending WWI, 1919
First black US cabinet member sworn in (Robert Clifton Weaver), 1966
Stonewall Inn riots started (New York), 1969
Use of US public funds for parochial schools was ruled unconstitutional, 1971
Supreme Court decided in favor of Alan Bakke, 1978
Terrence Stanley Fox, who ran 3328 miles across Canada for cancer, died, 1981
First reported counterfeiting attempt (Boston), 1762
US Supreme Court reversed Muhammad Ali’s conviction for refusing induction in the US Army, 1971
Archduke Francis Ferdinand and wife assassinated, 1914
Richard Nixon announced that no more draftees would be sent to Vietnam, unless they volunteered, 1972
Monday established as observance of most US holidays, 1968