The Daily News | June 27

James Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Institution, died, 1829
Oswald Jacoby died, 1984
First settlers of Massachusetts Bay Colony entered Salem Harbor, 1629
STS-4 (US) launched, 1982
First telegraph wires were established between New York and Boston, 1847
Route 66 was decertified, 1985
Joseph Smith, founder of Mormon church, killed (Carthage, Illinois), 1844
Soyuz 30 (USSR) launched, 1978
Thurgood Marshall announced his resignation from the US Supreme Court, 1991
Soyuz T-9 (USSR) launched, 1983
Edward Gibbon completed “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.”, 1787
First hotel strike in New York, 1985
Air France’s Flight 139 from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked to Uganda, 1976
Harry Agganis, baseball player, died, 1955
US forces ordered to help repel the North Korean invasion of South Korea, 1950
Muhammad Ali announced his retirement (second time), 1979
Hurricane Audrey slammed through coastal Louisiana and Texas (>500 killed), 1957
X-15 velocity record of 6,606 kilometer per hour set, 1962
The “Panic of 1893” (value of US silver dollar fell to < $.60 gold) began, 1893
“Live and Let Die” (the movie) released in the US, 1973
Fire destroyed a stage at Pinewood Studios during filming of “A View to a Kill”, 1984
First female state police officer graduated (New Jersey), 1980