The Daily News | June 26

Boston council of the Boy Scouts of America founded, 1922
Toothbrush invented, 1498
First US smallpox inoculations administered (Zabdiel Boylston), 1721
United Nations charter signed, 1945
Joseph Michel Montgolfier, co-inventor of hot-air balloon, died, 1810
Federal Credit Union Act signed, 1934
Ford Madox Ford, English novelist (“The Good Soldier”), died, 1939
First US WWI troops reached Europe, 1917
Second largest armored car robbery ($10.8 million, Rochester, NY), 1990
William IV became English Sovereign, 1830
Saint Lawrence Seaway dedicated by Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II, 1959
Richard III became English Sovereign, 1483
Canadian National Tower (tallest free-standing, self-supporting structure) opened, 1976
Cast-iron plough patented (Charles Newbold), 1797
Charles Joseph Anthony “Rush” Russhon, military liason to James Bond films, died, 1982
“For Your Eyes Only” was released in the US, 1981
Dr. Walter Reed and his medical team began a campaign to wipe out yellow fever in the Panama Canal Zone, 1900
Gilbert White, father of British naturalists, died, 1793