The Daily News | June 14

Zsa Zsa Gabor arrested for slapping a policeman, 1989
US Army founded, 1775
General Benedict Arnold, American turncoat, died, 1801
Mariner 5 (US) launched, 1967
Adlai Ewing Stevenson, 23rd US vice president, died, 1914
Vostok 5 (USSR) launched, 1963
Roosevelt froze all German and Italian assets in US, 1941
Venera 10 (USSR) launched, 1975
“Stars and Stripes” became the US national flag, 1777
Henry Mancini, composer, died, 1994
Albert DeSalvo killed his first victim (Anna E. Slesers), 1962
General Radio (now GenRad) founded, 1915
Univac I, first commercially built computer, went into service, 1951
Republic of California established, 1846
UK Parliament passed a bill banning women from dangerous sports, 1906
Sandpaper patented (I. Fischer, Jr), 1834
Pierre Charles L’Enfant, architect (designed Washington DC), died, 1825
Edward Fitzgerald, English author, died, 1883
Alan Jay Lerner, lyricist (“Camelot” and “My Fair Lady”), died, 1986
Falkland Islands recaptured by British forces, 1982
First breach of promise suit filed (Cicely Jordan jilted Reverend Greville Pooley), 1623
Gilbert Keith Chesterton, English author, died, 1936
Two OBE’s returned to Buckingham Palace to protest the award of MBE’s to the Beatles, 1965
Mike Schmidt hit three home runs (vs. Montreal), 1987
Lt. William Bligh and followers landed on the island of Timor following the Mutiny on the “Bounty”, 1789
First radio message broadcast by a US president, 1922