The Daily News | June 13

First German V1 “buzz-bomb” hit London, 1944
Daniel Shays pardoned, 1788
Third erruption of Mount Saint Helens, Washington, 1980
Alexander the Great died, -323
Donald Kent “Deke” Slayton, US astronaut, died, 1993
Saint Anthony of Padua died, 1231
The Federal Savings and Loan Association authorized, 1933
King Khalid of Saudi Arabia died, 1982
Ticker-tape parade for Charles Lindbergh in New York, 1927
US Department of Labor established, 1888
Medgar Wiley Evers, civil rights leader, assassinated, 1963
US Office of War Information created, 1942
First international Whist Tournament began (Budapest), 1937
Mission San Luis Rey de Francia founded, 1798
First night game in Fenway Park (Red Sox 5 White Sox 3), 1947
Yukon Territory of Canada was organized, 1898
New York Times began publishing “The Pentagon Papers”, 1971
Alexis Welsh, former Rockette, murdered, 1991
First black justice on US Supreme Court nominated (Thurgood Marshall), 1967
“You Only Live Twice” released in US, 1967
Miranda decision (reading your rights) handed down by US Supreme Court, 1966
Don Bolles, investigative reporter, died, 1976