The Daily News | May 26

Augustine, first archbishop of Canterbury, died, 604
B-29s firebombed Tokyo, 1945
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, English author, baptized, 1689
Soyuz 36 (USSR) launched, 1980
Ida Saxton McKinley, wife of William McKinley, died, 1907
Samuel Pepys, English diarist, died, 1703
15,000,000th Ford Model T came off the assembly line, 1927
Congress set first immigration quotas, 1924
Dr. Charles Horace Mayo, co-founder of Mayo Clinic, died, 1939
Explosion on USS Bennington (over 100 died), 1954
Harvey Haddix threw a 12-innings of perfect baseball (and lost), 1959
Aircraft crashed on carrier Nimitz (14 killed), 1981