The Daily News | May 25

Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston (Lewiston, Maine), 1965
Skylab 2 (US) launched, 1973
Existence of Lechuguilla Cave (New Mexico) confirmed, 1986
Autonomy of Jordan proclaimed, 1946
Successful test of the limelight in Purfleet, England, 1830
First Indian motorcycle built, 1901
Babe Ruth hit his 714th and final home run (Forbes Field), 1935
Organization for African Unity formed, 1963
Landing a man on the moon declared a US national objective, 1961
Chinese communist forces entered Shanghai, 1949
Charles K. Feldman (Charles K. Gould), film producer, died, 1968
Rosa Bonheur, French landscape painter, died, 1899
Oral Roberts saw 900 foot tall Jesus Christ (Tulsa Oklahoma), 1980
American Airlines flight 191 crashed (Chicago), 1979
First woman colonist in North America (Francisca Hintestrosa), 1539
Argentina established as an independent republic, 1810
First regular session of the American Constitutional Convention held, 1787
First US priest ordained (Stephen Theodore Badin), 1793