The Daily News | May 24

Anti-Saloon League founded (Rev. H.H. Russell), 1893
Brooklyn Bridge opened, 1883
Victoria disaster (182 killed, London, Ontario), 1881
Russian peasants revolted, 1917
Ford announced they would discontinue the Model T, 1927
Duke Ellington, jazz great, died, 1974
William Lloyd Garrison, American antislavery leader, died, 1879
First auto garage opened (Boston), 1899
First Union Combat fatality of US Civil War (Elmer Ellsworth), 1861
James Peale, portrait painter, died, 1831
First message sent over telegraph (“What hath God wrought?”), 1844
The British battleship HMS Hood sunk, 1941
Johnny Carson announced he’d retire as host of “Tonight Show”, 1991
“A View to a Kill” released in US, 1985
The Dutch West Indies Trading Company bought the island of Manhattan, 1626
John Brown attacked Pottawatomie, Kansas, 1856
First black American awarded the Croix de Guerre medal (Henry Johnson), 1918
Aurora 7 Mercury Space Capsule (US) launched, 1962
First night major league game played (Crosley Field, Cincinnati - vs. Philadelphia Phillies), 1935
Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish astronomer, died, 1543
Tony Lazzeri, Yankee second baseman, drove in 11 runs (three home runs, two of them grand slams, and a triple), 1936
Jerry Herman’s “Mame” opened on Broadway, 1966