The Daily News | May 27

“From Russia With Love” opened in the US, 1964
Golden Gate Bridge opened, 1937
Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister of India, died, 1964
Maiden voyage of RMS Queen Mary, 1936
Saint Petersburg founded as the new capital of Russia, 1703
Afghanistan attained sovereignty, 1921
Joseph Wilson Swan, English scientist and inventor, died, 1914
John became the English Sovereign, 1199
Corn Muffin made the official Massachusetts State Muffin, 1986
German Battleship Bismarck was sunk, 1941
Lenny Randle blew a baseball into foul territory (illegally), 1981
Nuclear submarine Scorpion was lost, 1968
Japanese navy destroyed the Russian fleet in the Tsushima Straits, 1905
Nicolo Paganini, violin virtuoso, died, 1840
First joint meeting of US and European ALGOL definition committees, 1958
Piano patented (J.S. McLean, New Jersey), 1796