The Daily News | May 11

Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” presented, 1916
Minnesota became 32nd US state, 1858
Chester Gould, cartoonist (“Dick Tracy”), died, 1985
Siam changed its name to Thailand, 1949
First no-run, nine-inning baseball game played (Saint Louis), 1875
Battle of Yellow Tavern (Virginia), 1864
Robert Treat Paine, signer of US Declaration of Independenc, died, 1814
Nation of Israel admitted to the UN, 1949
John Hart, signer of US Declaration of Independence and farmer, died, 1779
Birth control pill formally approved, 1960
Seattle became the first US city to institute blackout control (WWII), 1942
Tubeless tires announced (Akron, Ohio), 1947
General Henry M. Robert, author (“Robert’s Rules of Order”), died, 1923
American Bible Society formed (New York), 1816
First regularly scheduled TV programs began (WGY - Schenectady, New York), 1928
Bob Marley, musician (“The Wailers”), died, 1981