The Daily News | May 12

Charles Lindbergh’s son’s body found, 1932
Woodman Rangers founded, 1904
First vessle over North Pole (airship Norge), 1926
Doris Day, actress, died, 1984
Society of St. Tammany held its first meeting, 1789
Robert Reed, actor, died, 1992
Ernie “Mr. Cub” Banks hit his 500th home run, 1970
Amy Lowell, US poet, died, 1925
Ordinance prohibiting spitting in New York City passed, 1896
End of “Berlin blockade”, 1949
General Grant attacked General Lee at Spottsylvania, Virgina, 1864
Battle of Raymond, Mississippi, 1863
Samuel Wilson confirmed as the original “Uncle Sam” (New York Gazette), 1830
George VI crowned king of England, 1937
H. Rap Brown became chairman of the Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating Committee, 1967
Axis forces in North Africa surrendered, 1943