The Daily News | May 10

George Vancouver, English navigator and explorer, died, 1798
Nazi book burning, 1933
Germany invaded Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, 1940
BSD Unix 2.0 released, 1979
Edward L. Stratemeyer, US author (“Nancy Drew”), died, 1930
Paul Revere, US patriot, died, 1818
First Mother’s Day service held (Grafton, West Virginia), 1908
Second Continental Congress convened, 1775
The “golden spike” was driven at Promontory Point, Utah, 1869
Sir Henry Morton Stanley, explorer, died, 1904
John Mitchell and Maurice Stans indicted on perjury charges, 1973
Disastrous fire in Ellendale, North Dakota, 1916
Confederate President Jefferson Davis captured by Union troops, 1865
Centennial Exposition opened (Philadelphia), 1876
Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, Confederate General, died, 1863
Hoyt Wilhelm pitched his 1,000th baseball game, 1970
Colonel Ethan Allen and Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga, 1775
Riot at the Astor Place Opera House (New York), 1949
Rudolf Hess parachuted into Britain to offer peace if they helped attack Russia, 1941
Noriega unleashed his “Dignity Battalions”, 1989