The Daily News | March 24

Construction of the New York subway system began, 1900
Queen Elizabeth I died, 1603
Rhode Island voters rejected the US Constitution, 1788
“The Great Escape”, 1944
Oscar Romero, Salvadoran Archbishop, assassinated, 1980
First US automobile sold, 1898
Exxon tanker “Valdez” struck a reef in Alaska, 1989
James I became English Sovereign, 1603
John Millington Synge, Irish dramatist and poet, died, 1909
Elvis Presley inducted in the US Army, 1958
“Hamlet” won an Academy Award for “Best Picture”, 1949
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet, died, 1882
Quartering Act (colonists to board British soldiers) enacted, 1765
Viola Liuzzo, civil rights worker, killed, 1965
Auguste Piccard, Swiss deep sea explorer and balloonist, died, 1962
Isabel Peron, Argentine president, arrested, 1976
Robert Koch announced the discovery of the cause of tuberculosis, 1882
“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” opened on Broadway, 1955
US granted the Philippine Islands independance effective 7/4/1946, 1934
Dr. An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories, died, 1990
Philip Dormer Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield and statesman, died, 1773
Last Quaker executed in Boston (William Leddra), 1661