The Daily News | March 25

James Howard, Representative from New Jersey, died, 1988
Ishi died, 1916
Robert Joffrey, founder of The Joffrey ballet, died, 1988
Mauna Loa erupted, 1984
Pecan trees planted at Mt. Vernon by George Washington, 1775
King Faisal assassinated, 1975
Titan (Saturn’s moon) discovered (Christian Huygens), 1655
RCA began producing color TV sets, 1954
Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire (New York, 147 killed), 1911
Mass celebrated for first time in US, 1634
First solar eclipse photograph (F. Langenheim, Philadelphia), 1857
First recorded horse race in America, 1668
Goodman Ace, TV writer, actor, columnist, and humorist, died, 1982
Greece became independent from Turkey, 1821
British flier fell 18,000 feet without parachute (broke ankle), 1944
Edward Steichen, US photographer, died, 1973
Jacob S. Coxey and 100 others began marching to Washington (from Ohio), 1894
(Achille) Claude Debussy, French composer, died, 1918