The Daily News | March 23

Japanese-Americans moved to relocation camps, 1942
Dada manifesto, 1918
“Dial M for Murder” began as a BBC-TV drama, 1952
Rally for Decency (Miami), 1969
South African team was barred from the Davis Cup, 1970
Tuscarora Indian War ended, 1713
Morrison R. Waite, US Supreme Court Justice, died, 1888
Battle of Kernstown (Virginia), 1862
Gemini 3 (US), first man in space twice, launched, 1965
Pakistan declared itself a republic, 1956
UAW dropped notices of a union meeting on a Ford plant, 1936
Last US Army homing pigeons sold off, 1957
All-India-Muslim league adopted a Muslim homeland resolution, 1940
“Messiah” first performed (London), 1743
Patrick Henry said “... give me liberty or give me death!”, 1775
Rolling flour mill patented (John Stevens), 1880
Barney C. Clark, first recipient of a permanent artificial heart, died, 1983
Huge asteroid missed Earth by 500,000 miles, 1989
Stendhal (pseudonym for Marie Henri Beyle), French author (“The Red and the Black”), died, 1842
Peter Lorre (Laszlo Lowenstein), actor, died, 1964