The Daily News | March 22

First Indian massacre (led by Powhatan’s brother), 1622
Soyuz 39 (USSR) launched, 1981
Massasoit and Pilgrims agreed on league of friendship, 1621
First women’s basketball game, 1893
Walter Lantz, creator of “Woody Woodpecker,” died, 1994
Cornstarch patented (Orlando Jones), 1841
Slave trading with other nations forbidden by US Congress, 1791
Stamp Act passed by British Parliament, 1765
Laser patented (Arthur L. Schawlow and Charles H. Townes), 1960
Senate approved Equal Rights Amendment, 1972
First women’s equal opportunity legislation enacted (Illinois), 1872
Ten Years After played their last concert, 1974
Stephen Decatur, Naval officer, killed in a duel by James Barron, 1820
E.W. Hornung, creator of A.J. Raffles, died, 1921
Loyalty investigations of all US federal employees first required, 1947
Grand Coulee Dam began producing electric power, 1941
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist and dramatist, died, 1832
STS-3 (US), third shuttle test flight, launched, 1982
General Creighton Abrams took over as commander of US troops in Vietnam, 1968
Jean Baptiste Lully, musician and composer, died, 1687