The Daily News | March 21

Samuel Sidney McClure, Irish-American newspaper editor, died, 1949
Battle of the Somme, 1918
Richard Nixon played “The Missouri Waltz” for Harry Truman, 1969
Henry V became English Sovereign, 1413
First US professional club for women (Sorosis, New York) founded, 1868
US first sent military advisors into Laos, 1961
Copernicus’ “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” published, 1543
Fire in New Orleans (800 buildings destroyed), 1788
3,000 demonstrators began a march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama, 1965
Final group of passengers departed the Mayflower, 1621
Egyptian Parliament unanimously approved a peace treaty with Israel, 1979
Thomas Jefferson became first US Secretary of State, 1790
First US mutual fund set up (Massachusetts Investors Trust, Boston), 1924
First US naval officer commissioned (Hopley Yeaton), 1791
Amendment limiting US presidents to two terms or ten years approved, 1947
Thomas Cranmer, English clergyman, burnt at the stake, 1556
US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk hit a Soviet sub in the Sea of Japan, 1984
Hatfield-McCoy feud ended (with a marriage in Kentucky), 1891
US Supreme Court ruled one year residency requirement for voting illegal, 1972
Henry Morton Stanley started search for David Livingston, 1871
First chess champion to play more than 100 games simultaneously (F.J. Marshall), 1916
“Fanny Hill” ruled not obscene by the US Supreme Court, 1966
Allied planes dropped more than 12,000 tons of explosives on Germany during a daytime raid, 1945
UN set up teporary headquarters at Hunter College (New York), 1946