The Daily News | November 23

“Far From the Madding Crowd” by Thomas Hardy published, 1874
Zoom lens patented (F.G. Back), 1948
Frederick County, Maryland repudiated the British Stamp Act, 1765
Life magazine hit the newsstands, 1936
US debut of Enrico Caruso (Metropolitan Opera House, New York), 1903
“Dr. Who” premiered (England), 1963
Roald Dahl, author (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”), died, 1990
Elbridge Gerry, 5th US vice president, died, 1814
Rodgers and Hart’s “The Boys from Syracuse” opened on Broadway, 1938
Earthquake hit Naples, Italy (4,800 killed), 1980
China announced 11 US airmen and two civilians convicted of espionage, 1954
Arab gunmen seized an Egyptian jetliner (60 killed), 1985
Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick’s “Fiorello!” opened on Broadway, 1959
World War II rationing ended on all foods except sugar, 1945
First play-by-play description of a football game broadcast (Texas vs. Texas A&M), 1919
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg separated from The Netherlands, 1890