The Daily News | November 24

National Rifle Association incorporated, 1871
D.B. Cooper hijacking, 1971
First jukebox installed (San Francisco), 1889
George Raft, actor, died, 1980
American Women Suffrage Association organized, 1869
Battle of Chattanooga (Tennessee), 1863
Hershey stopped selling the nickel chocolate bar, 1969
Black Codes passed in Mississippi, 1865
US government reported US troops exposed to Agent Orange, 1979
Barbed wire patented (Joseph Glidden), 1874
Frank Loesser’s “Guys and Dolls” opened on Broadway, 1950
Lee Harvey Oswald killed by Jack Ruby, 1963
First gallery to exhibit photography as fine art opened (291 - New York), 1904
First national Thanksgiving celebration, 1863