The Daily News | November 22

Elgin Long became first man to fly over both Poles, 1971
Jack London, novelist, died, 1916
Ban ended on travel to mainland China after 22 years, 1972
C.S. Lewis, British author, died, 1963
Wayne Gretsky scored 500th National Hockey League goal, 1986
SOS radio distress signal adopted, 1906
Bob Pettit set an NBA record hitting 19 of 19 free throws, 1961
Edward Teach (“Blackbeard”), killed, 1718
Aldous Huxley, English novelist (“Brave New World”), died, 1963
Electric motor patented (M. Pfatischer), 1904
First US football game broadcast in England (Yale vs. Harvard), 1930
Henry Wilson, 18th US vice president, died, 1875
George and Ira Gershwin’s “Funny Face” opened on Broadway, 1927
John F. Kennedy, 35th US president, killed, 1963
Concorde jetliner began flying to New York from London and Paris, 1977
New York Stock Exchange dropped $15 million, 1963
George Washington Gale Ferris, inventor of the Ferris wheel, died, 1896
Long Island Railroad train wreck (79 killed), 1950
Walter Reed, US Army physician (known for yellow fever work), died, 1902
Sir Arthur S. Sullivan, English composer, died, 1900
Commercial air service across the Pacific ocean began (China Clipper), 1935
Fort Wayne Pistons beat Minneapolis Lakers 19-18, 1950