The Daily News | January 12

US Congress authorized use of force against Iraq, 1991
“Criss Cross” released, 1949
First museum established in America (Charleston), 1773
Submarine cable plow patented, 1937
First US west coast university established (Willamette), 1853
“Batman” (the TV show) debuted, 1966
Standard frankfurters replaced by “Victory Sausages”, 1943
Mission Santa Clara de Asis founded, 1777
Hattie Caraway, first woman elected US Senator (Arkansas), 1932
HAL-9000 computer became operational (movie), 1992
US Congress rejected a bill giving women the right to vote, 1915
Agatha Christie, English mystery writer, died, 1976
Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur, wife of Chester Alan Arthur, died, 1880
Two point conversion added to football by NCAA, 1958
Anthracite coal first used to smelt iron (Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania), 1839
First cargo shipped down the Mississippi River, 1812
Lottery announced to establish King’s College (later Columbia University), 1747
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi began his final fast, 1948
Reverend Philip Berrigan and others indicted on charges of plotting to kidnap Henry Kissinger, 1971
HAL-9000 computer will become operational (book), 1997