The Daily News | January 11

Designated hitter rule adopted by American League, 1973
Thomas Hardy died, 1928
Rhubarb first imported into the US (from Mongolia), 1770
First ship run by steam, 1853
John Molson, patriarch of the Molson brewery family, died, 1836
Alabama seceded from the Union, 1861
US Surgeon General named cigarettes a “health hazard”, 1964
Japan invaded the Dutch East Indies, 1942
Franklin Roosevelt called for $100 billion for the war effort, 1943
Whiskey-A-Go-Go opened (Los Angeles), 1963
Francis Scott Key, composer (“Star-Spangled Banner”), died, 1843
Hans Sloane, British physician, died, 1753
Helen Reilly, former Mystery Writers of America president, died, 1962
Charing Cross Station (London) opened, 1864
First woman flew from Hawaii to California (Amelia Earhart Putnam), 1935
Gregory (Pappy) Boyington, WWII flying ace, died, 1988
US Supreme Court reinstated a $10 million award to the family of Karen Silkwood, 1984
The Continental Congress convened (New York City), 1785