The Daily News | January 13

Hubert Horatio Humphrey, 38th US vice president, died, 1978
Ernie Kovacs, comedian, died, 1962
Congress added stars and stripes for Vermont and Kentucky, 1794
James Joyce, Irish novelist, died, 1941
Ruth Brown Snyder and Henry Judd Gray, murderers, executed, 1928
“Batman” (the TV show) debuted, 1966
Stephen Foster, composer (“My Old Kentucky Home”), died, 1864
National Geographic Society founded, 1888
Operation Drum Roll (German U-boat harassment campaign) began, 1942
Schuyler Colfax, 17th US vice president, died, 1885
Georgia, last of the 13 original American colonies, established, 1733
First radio broadcast to the public (New York), 1910
An Air Florida Boeing 737 crashed in Washington D.C. (78 killed), 1982
“Flyin’ Saucers” (precursor to Frisbee) debuted, 1957