The Daily News | September 24

Final Brooklyn Dodgers game (Dodgers 2 - Pirates 0), 1957
USS Enterprise launched, 1960
US Congress adopted the rose as the US national flower, 1986
First autopsy (Maryland), 1657
Pope John Paul II declared Galileo was right after all, 1989
“60 Minutes” premiered, 1968
US President Dwight D. Eisenhower suffered a heart attack, 1955
“Peyton Place” published, 1956
Faneuil Hall (Boston, Massachusetts) opened to the public, 1742
US Supreme Court established, 1789
Mildred Gillars (a.k.a. Axis Sally) pleaded innocent to treason, 1948
Black Friday (bullion price plummeted), 1869
Jose Canseco becomes the first 40 home run, 40 stolen base player, 1988
US Attorney General’s office established, 1789
First “blind” takeoff and landing demonstrated (James Doolittle), 1929
First transatlantic telephone cable completed, 1956
Patricia Hearst sentenced to seven years in prison for armed robbery, 1976
John Harvard, founder of Harvard College, died, 1638
Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary passed for the last time in the mid-Atlantic, 1967
First episode of “The Bullwinkle Show” aired, 1961