The Daily News | September 23

John Wesley Powell, US geologist and explorer, died, 1902
Baseball rule code adopted, 1845
Paul E. Garber, Smithsonian Air Museum curator, died, 1992
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became unified, 1932
Elizabeth Kortright Monroe, wife of James Monroe, died, 1830
First episode of “Lost in Space” aired, 1965
John Paul Jones said “I have not yet begun to fight”, 1779
Rocky Marciano K-O’ed Jersey Joe Walcott, 1952
USS Bonhomme Richard defeated the British frigate Serapis, 1779
Bob Fosse, director and choreographer, died, 1987
VP candidate Richard Nixon delivered “Checkers” speech, 1952
Harvard College held its first commencement, 1642
Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, 1972
Neptune discovered (Johann Gottfried Galle), 1846
US Internal Security Act adopted (registration of communists), 1950
Juan Peron re-elected president of Argentina, 1973
William Wilkie Collins, English novelist (“The Moonstone”), died, 1889
Count Leo Tolstoy married Sophie Andreyevna Behrs, 1862
“Merkle’s Boner” (caused Cubs to win pennant rather than Giants), 1908
Last episode of “Rocky and His Friends” aired, 1961
Time capsule buried at site of New York World’s Fair (to be opened 6939), 1938
Lewis and Clark expedition returned to Saint Louis, 1806