The Daily News | September 19

Titan II missile explosion (Damascus, Arkansas), 1980
First Battle of Saratoga, 1777
Simon and Garfunkel reunited in Central Park, New York, 1981
Battle of Winchester (Virginia), 1864
Timothy Leary proclaimed LSD as a sacrament of his new religion, 1966
Hurricane swept Florida (372 killed), 1926
Earthquke hit Mexico City (8.1 on Richter Scale - 7,000 killed), 1985
Juan Peron ousted as Argentine leader, 1955
First Battle of Bemis Heights (aka The Battle of Freeman’s Farm), 1777
John Keats wrote his ode “To Autumn”, 1819
Carpet sweeper patented (Melvin R. Bissell, Grand Rapids, Michigan), 1876
Bacon’s Rebellion (Jamestown, Virginia), 1676
Nikita Khrushchev was told that he wouldn’t be allowed to visit Disneyland, 1959
James Abram Garfield, 20th US president, died, 1881
William Joyce (a.k.a. Lord Haw-Haw), Nazi propagandist, was sentenced to death, 1945
US conducted its first underground nuclear test, 1957
Bruno Hauptmann was arrested and charged with the Lindbergh kidnapping and killing, 1934
Mesabi iron range near Lake Superior discovered, 1844