The Daily News | September 18

First issue of The New York Times published, 1851
Soyuz 38 (USSR) launched, 1980
Last episode of “The Twilight Zone” aired, 1964
Cosmos 954 (Soviet) launched, 1977
Jimi Hendrix, rock ‘n’ roll guitarist, died, 1970
Locomotive outraced by a horse, 1830
US Air Force became a separate military service, 1947
Chile gained independence from Spain, 1818
William Hazlitt, English essayist and critic, died, 1830
Sean O’Casey, Irish playwright, died, 1964
US government began negotiations for its first loan, 1790
Fugitive Slave Act passed by US Congress, 1850
Hurricane hit Florida and West Indies (4,000 killed), 1928
First spinet piano constructed in America, 1769
Katherine Anne Porter, American writer (“Ship of Fools”), died, 1980
Patricia Hearst and two comrades captured, 1975
First solo transatlantic balloon crossing completed (Joe Kittinger), 1984
Jane Addams moved into Hull House, Chicago, 1889
A white woman (Harriet Maxwell Converse) became Chief of the Tonawanda Reservation, New York, 1891
UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold died, 1961