The Daily News | August 7

Rabindranath Tagore, Hindu poet and mystic, died, 1941
Jacquard died, 1834
Union forces re-took Fort Filmore (New Mexico Territory), 1862
Revolving door patented, 1888
First photograph of Earth taken from space (Explorer VI), 1959
US War Department established, 1789
Congressman M. Leland died in a plane crash enroute to Ethiopia, 1989
US Marines landed on Guadalcanal, 1942
Russia announced it granted political asylum to Edward Lee Howard, 1986
Titov orbited the earth 17 times, 1961
George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen finish rowing from New York to France, 1896
Order of the Purple Heart established, 1782
Apollo-15 splashed down despite failure of one of its three parachutes, 1971
“Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” approved, 1964
Jacqueline Kennedy became the first wife of a president to give birth while he was in the White House since the days of Grover Cleveland, 1963
Love Canal (New York) declared a disaster area, 1971