The Daily News | August 6

David Grandison Fairchild, US botanist, died, 1954
Battle of Oriskany, 1777
Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini) died, 1978
Vostok 2 (USSR) launched, 1961
Ben Jonson, English playwright and poet, died, 1637
Kurt Kasznar, actor, died, 1979
Jimmy’s Drive-in (Milford, New Jersey) opened, 1958
Battle of North Africa began, 1940
First horserace with purse of more than $2 million, 1980
Jamaica attained independence, 1962
Second Great Awakening or Great Revival of the West, 1801
Cy Young pitched his first game, 1890
First execution by electrocution (William Kemmler - New York), 1890
Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, 1945
Ellen Louise Axson Wilson, first wife of of Woodrow Wilson, died, 1914
Harry Reasoner, TV reporter, died, 1991
“Mother Ann” Lee, founder of the Shakers, arrived in New York, 1774
Bolivia gained independence from Spain, 1825
First American (and first woman) swam the English Channel (Gertrude Ederle), 1926
Luci Baines Johnson married Patrick Nugent, 1966