The Daily News | August 17

Gold discovered in Klondike region of Yukon territory, 1896
Ira Gershwin, composer, died, 1983
Conrad Potter Aiken, US poet and short-story writer, died, 1973
Japanese withdrew from Indonesia, 1945
Robert Fulton demonstrated steamboat operation (The Clermont), 1807
First goat domesticated (Armenia), -10429
First aircraft owned by the US Forest Service in service (Oakland), 1938
Richard Upjohn, US architect, died, 1878
Walter Richard Rudolf Hess, last Nazi held in Spandau Prison, died, 1987
Jonathan Trumbull, US patriot, died, 1785
Muhammad Ali elected to “Ring” magazine’s Boxing Hall of Fame, 1987
Fort Sumter shelled by Union forces, 1863
First successful crossing of the Atlantic by balloon (three Americans), 1978
“Fallout” first used (New York Times), 1952
First and only major league baseball fatality (Ray Chapman - Cleveland), 1920
Losantville, Ohio (now Cincinnati) founded, 1788
1400 meatpackers walked off the job at a George A. Hormel and Co. plant, 1985
Hurricane struck Galveston, Texas (275 killed), 1915
First public bathhouse with showers opened in New York (“People’s Bath”), 1891
Phobos (Martian satellite) discovered (A. Hall), 1877
Robert Manry, Cleveland newspaper editor, finished sailing the Atlantic (in a 13.5 foot craft), 1965
Hurricane Camille hit US Gulf Coast (248 killed), 1969
John White returned to Roanoke, Virginia and found no trace of colonist’s he had left there three years earlier, 1590
First European bombing run undertaken by US forces, 1942