The Daily News | August 16

Andrew Marvell, poet (“To His Coy Mistress”), died, 1678
Manchester Massacre, 1819
US and Canada signed a treaty to protect migratory birds, 1916
Roller coaster patented, 1898
John Diefenbaker, Canadian lawyer and prime minister, died, 1979
Harmonic convergence began, 1987
Charles Thomson, first official American record keeper, died, 1824
Battle of Bennington (Vermont), 1777
Gold discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon territory, 1896
Carrie Fisher married Paul Simon, 1983
Margaret Mitchell, US novelist (“Gone With The Wind”), died, 1949
Battle of Camden (South Carolina), 1780
Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen, inventor of bunsen burner, died, 1899
City of Detroit captured by British, 1812
Several Northern newspapers brought to trial for Confederate sympathies, 1861
Elvis Aaron Presley, rock singer, died, 1977
The original “Siamese” twins (Chang and Eng Bunker) arrived in Boston, 1829
Madonna, pop singer, married Sean Penn, actor, 1985
Loop-the-Loop Centrifugal Railway patented (Edwin Prescott, Massachusetts), 1896
John Z. DeLorean acquitted of cocaine dealing, 1984
George Bush chose Dan Quayle, “a man of the future,” as his running mate, 1988
Joseph (Josias) Miller, English comic actor, died, 1738
First baseball player died in a major-league game (Ray Chapman, of Cleveland, hit by a Carl Mays, of New York, pitch), 1920
George Herman “Babe” Ruth, baseball player, died, 1948