The Daily News | July 9

Queen Victoria assented to the Commonwealth of Australia Bill, 1900
Eric Sevareid, newsman, died, 1992
Gilbert Charles Stuart, US presidential portrait painter, died, 1828
Tom Yawkey, Red Sox owner, died, 1976
Edmund Burke, British orator, politician, and philosopher, died, 1797
Corncob pipe patented (Henry Tibbe), 1878
General Braddock ambushed by French and indians near Fort Duquesne, 1755
Zachary Taylor, 12th US president, died, 1850
King Henry VIII had his six month marriage to his 4th wife annulled, 1540
Anne Frank went into hiding with her family, 1942
The US Declaration of Independence was read to Washington’s troops, 1776
Voyager 2 (US) made closest approach to Jupiter, 1979
Admiral Hyman George Rickover, “father of the nuclear navy,” died, 1986
Ten hour working day set by law, (New Hampshire), 1847
Fourteenth Amendment to US Constitution (equal protection under law) ratified, 1868
A Pan Am 727 crashed (154 killed, Kenner, Louisiana), 1982
Leather splitting machine patented (Samuel Parker - Billerica, Massachusetts), 1808
Earl Warren, chief justice of US Supreme Court, died, 1974
First successful surgical closure of a heart wound (Chicago by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams), 1893
American, Canadian, and British forces invaded Sicily, 1943
Nikita Khrushchev threatened the US with rockets if an attempt was made to oust Castro from Cuba, 1960
Worst train wreck in US history (101 killed, Nashville), 1918