The Daily News | July 8

American premiere of Mozart’s “Lost” Symphony in F, 1981
CDC incorporated, 1957
Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge, wife of Calvin Coolidge, died, 1957
The Liberty Bell cracked, 1835
Comadore Matthew Perry led a naval fleet into Yedo Bay, Japan, 1853
Bell Telephone Company formed, 1877
Robert Burns Woodward, Harvard University science professor, died, 1979
The flashcube introduced (New York), 1965
Solo transcontinental horseback ride completed (Nan J. Aspinwall), 1911
First “Ziegfeld Follies” opened, 1907
General Douglas MacArthur designated commander of UN forces in Korea, 1950
Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech, 1896
John Dickinson sent his “Olive Branch Petition” to King George III, 1775
Dick Sargent, actor (Bewitched), died, 1994
First Jew to settle in North America (Jacob Barsimson) arrived (New York), 1654
Edward II became the English Sovereign, 1307
First public reading of the US Declaration of Independence (Colonel John Nixon), 1776
Withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam began, 1969
James Jesse Strang crowned king of Mormons (an offshoot of the Church of Latter-day Saints), 1850
Percy Bysshe Shelley, English poet, drowned, 1822
First American fatalities of the Vietnam War (Major Dale R. Buis and Master Sgt. Chester M. Ovnand), 1959
Rhode Island granted a charter by King Charles II, 1663
Last bare-knuckled championship boxing match in US (John L Sullivan beat Jake Kilrain after 75 rounds), 1889
Ernest Hemingway, Red Cross volunteer, wounded in Italy, 1918
Vasco da Gama sailed from Lisbon on voyage that led to discovery of searoute to India around the southern tip of Africa, 1497
Sir William Edward Parry, British arctic explorer, died, 1855