The Daily News | July 30

England won the World Cup (defeated West Germany 4-2), 1966
Lynn Fontanne died, 1983
Joyce Kilmer, American poet (“Trees”), killed in combat, 1918
Siege of Petersburg, 1864
Confederate General Early burned Chambersberg, Pennsylvania, 1864
Kellogg invented corn flakes, 1898
Medicare, US government funded insurance for elderly, created, 1965
Vanuatu became an independent republic, 1980
Apollo-15 (US), fourth manned lunar landing, landed on the moon, 1971
Chrysler bought the Dodge Brothers, Inc, 1928
First legislative assembly in US convened (Jamestown, Virginia), 1619
William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, died, 1718
“Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service” (WAVES) formed, 1942
Last 90 US Marine combat troops left Lebanon, 1984
Nolan Ryan won his 300th game (for Texas Rangers, vs. Milwaukee Brewers), 1990
“In God We Trust” officially made US motto, 1956
Thomas Gray, English poet (“Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”), died, 1771
First plane delivered to the US War Department, 1909
First glass factory offering “common sized” windows opened (Wistar - Salem, New Jersey), 1740
Former Teamster union leader James Hoffa disappeared, 1975