The Daily News | July 29

First motorcycle race (Manhattan Beach, New York), 1899
NASA founded, 1958
Pope Paul VI upheld the birth control prohibition, 1968
Saint Olav, Viking king, killed, 1030
First catcher to catch two perfect baseball games (Ron Hassey), 1991
Cape Cod Canal opened to traffic, 1914
Jack Paar made his debut as host of NBC’s “Tonight” show, 1957
Red Sox hit 12 doubles vs. Tigers, 1990
First schoolhouse west of Alleghany mountains completed (Ohio), 1733
Eight foot high jump (J. Sotomayor), 1989
Gertrude Stein, poet-novelist (“A rose is a rose ...”), died, 1946
Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch painter, died, 1890
Largest US bank failure ever (First Republic Bank Corp., Dallas), 1988
Robert Schumann, German composer, died, 1856
Cubs and Reds played a full nine inning baseball game using one ball, 1929
Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, 1981
Iron lung electric respirator first used (Bellevue Hospital, New York), 1928
US citizens allowed to live anywhere in Japan, 1858
Second impeachment vote against R. Nixon by the House Judiciary Committee, 1974
Yellow fever broke out in Jacksonville, Florida, 1888
First transcontinental telephone linkup completed (San Francisco to New York), 1914
First asphalt pavement laid (Newark, New Jersey), 1870