The Daily News | July 26

Last debutantes presented to British court, 1958
Apollo 15 (US) launched, 1971
Sam Houston, US soldier and politician, died, 1863
US Post Office established, 1775
Racial segregation barred in US armed forces, 1948
Liberia declared a republic, 1847
John Hunt Morgan, Confederate raider, captured, 1863
First Esperanto book published, 1887
Ezra Loomis Pound, US poet, indicted for treason, 1943
US National Security Act passed, 1947
“26th of July Movement” (revolution) in Cuba, 1953
New York became the 11th US state, 1788
Confederate victory at Fort Fillmore (New Mexico), 1861
Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal, 1956
Brent Mydland, Grateful Dead keyboard player, died, 1990
Curacao discovered (Alonso de Ojeda), 1499
General Douglas MacArthur named commander of US forces in the Philippines, 1941
William Jennings Bryan, jurist, died, 1925