The Daily News | July 25

Andrea Doria collided with S.S. Stockholm and sank, 1956
Wyoming Territory created, 1868
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet and essayist, died, 1834
Rock Hudson acknowledged he had AIDS, 1985
Russian cosmonaut became the first woman to walk in space, 1984
Mussolini dismissed as premier of Italy, 1943
Perforated wrapping paper patented (Seth Wheeler - Albany), 1871
Puerto Rico granted commonwealth status, 1952
First surgeon general of Continental Army (Dr. Benjamin Church), 1775
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young debuted, 1969
First flight across the English Channel (Louis Bleriot, 36 minutes), 1909
Grant named first US General of the Army, 1866
Bloodiest battle of the War of 1812 (Lundy’s Lane near Niagara Falls), 1814
US banned export of oil and metal products, 1940