The Daily News | June 24

First radar detection of airplanes (Anacostia, DC), 1930
King Philip’s War began, 1675
Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th US president, died, 1908
Last “I Love Lucy” aired, 1957
Rickey Henderson stole his first major league base, 1979
Napoleon’s army entered Russia, 1812
Soyuz T-6 (USSR) (first Frenchman in space) launched, 1982
Newfoundland discovered (John Cabot), 1497
First American woman demanded a vote (Margaret Brent), 1647
Senate repealed Gulf of Tonkin resolution, 1970
Herbert John “Jackie” Gleason, comedian-actor, died, 1987
Soviets blockaded western zones of Berlin, 1948
Steve Busby completed his streak of 33 consecutive batters retired, 1974
Final pitch thrown at Crosley Field (Cincinnati), 1970
Warren Burger succeeded Earl Warren as Chief Justice of US Supreme Court, 1969
First official UFO sighting filed (Kenneth Arnold), 1947