The Daily News | June 23

Pacific Fur Co. was established (John Jacob Astor), 1810
IBM unbundled software, 1969
Wampanoag indian shot (sparking King Philip’s War), 1675
Last “Fireside Chat”, 1944
First solar-powered coast-to-coast two-way radio conversation, 1980
Maughan’s flight across US, 1924
Iceland celebrated millennium of the Alting (oldest parliament), 1930
Slavery abolished in England, 1772
Congress of the Republic of Texas agreed to annexation by the US, 1845
Taft-Hartley labor act enacted, 1947
Last formal surrender of Confederate troops (Oklahoma Territory), 1865
First matador killed in bullfight (Spain), 1771
Rob Dibble struck out his 500th batter (least number of innings to do so), 1992
Typewriter patented (Christopher Latham Sholes), 1868