The Daily News | June 21

Japanese submarine fired on the Oregon coast, 1942
Berlin airlift began, 1948
First practical reaper patented (C.H. McCormick), 1834
Pope Paul VI elected, 1963
James Thorne Smith Jr, author (“Topper”), died, 1934
Last B-29 operational flight, 1960
33 1/3 RPM LP record introduced (Columbia Records), 1948
Japanese surrendered at Okinawa, 1945
Friedrich Froebel, founder of the kindergarten, died, 1852
Ferris Wheel introduced (St. Louis), 1893
Jack Dalton, Dodger rookie, had four straight hits vs. Christy Mathewson, 1910
Inigo Jones, English architect, died, 1652
Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game (first to throw a no-hitter in each league), 1964
New Hampshire became the 9th US state, 1788
John Hinckley Jr. found not guilty by reason of insanity of shooting Ronald Reagan and others, 1982
Massachusetts Bay Colony’s charter revoked, 1684