The Daily News | June 20

First US bank chartered by Congress (Philadelphia), 1863
US seized Guam, 1898
First state public defender appointed (Peter Murray), 1967
Bobby Jones won the British Open, 1930
Clara Zetkin, German women’s rights advocate, died, 1933
Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel shot, 1947
Unpaid revolutionary war soldiers invaded Philadelphia, 1783
Victoria became English Sovereign, 1837
“Toast of the Town,” hosted by Ed Sullivan, debuted, 1948
American Independent Party formed, 1967
First balloon honeymoon (Roger Burham and Eleanor Waring), 1909
Great Seal of US approved by Congress, 1782
First female doctor of science earned (Caroline Willard Baldwin), 1895
West Virginia became the 35th US state, 1863
Michael S. Dukakis, Massachusetts Governor, married Katherine Dickson, 1963
US and Russia established a “hot line”, 1963
Lizzie Borden found innocent of the axe murders of her father and stepmother, 1893
Oil began to flow through the Alaska pipeline, 1977
First woman presided over US House of Representatives (Alice Mary Robertson), 1921
United Artists agreed to make James Bond films, 1961
Washington passed a bill imposing a fine on women smoking ($25+$100/cigarette), 1921
First liquid-fueled rocket plane flight (Germany), 1939