The Daily News | June 18

Ethel Barrymore (Ethel Blythe), actress, died, 1959
I.F. Stone died, 1989
STS-7 (US), first US woman in space, launched, 1983
John Cheever died, 1982
First bicycle traffic court (Racine, Wisconsin), 1936
Battle of Waterloo, 1815
British army withdrew from Suez Canal area of Egypt, 1954
SALT II agreement signed, 1979
Edmund Ruffin, US agriculturalist, commited suicide, 1865
US declared war on Britain, 1812
First amusement pier opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1898
Maxim Gorkey, Russian writer, died, 1936
Appendicitis (almost became Fitz’ disease) named (Dr. Reginald Fitz), 1886
Samuel Butler, English author, died, 1902
John Augustus Sutter, established the first white settlement at Sacramento, died, 1880
Pedro Armendariz, actor, shot himself, 1963
Saudi Arabian Prince Museid was publicly beheaded for the assassination of King Faisal, 1975
Gervase saw crater Giordano Bruno formed, 1178
Charles Lee Herron taken off FBI’s Most Wanted List (captured after being on the list the longest - since 2/9/1968), 1986
First life insurance policy sold in London, 1583