The Daily News | June 17

Watergate Democratic National Committee break-in, 1972
Lafayette visited Bunker Hill, 1825
Kathryn Elizabeth “Kate” Smith, singer, died, 1986
Ted Williams hit his 500th home run, 1960
Leopoldo Gasltieri, Argentinian President, resigned, 1982
China explodes its first Hydrogen bomb, 1967
Santa Ana winds roasted fruit on trees (California), 1859
Joseph Addison, English essayist, died, 1719
First commercial around-the-world plane flight began ($1700), 1947
Maxwell Perkins, American editor, died, 1947
Last death by guillotine in public in France (Eugen Weldmann), 1939
Ethel Kennedy married Robert F. Kennedy, 1950
Waterproof fabric for raincoats patented (Charles Mackintosh), 1823
Boris Spassky became world chess champion, 1969
Len Bias, Maryland basketball star, died of cocaine intoxication, 1986
Mark Hopkins, US educator and author, died, 1887
Swale, winner of the 1984 Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, died, 1984
Most runs scored in an inning (17 by Red Sox), 1953
Colonel William Prescott said “Don’t fire until you see the ...”, 1775
South Africa repealed their last apartheid law, 1991
US Supreme Court rules it’s unconstitutional to require prayer in school, 1963
Battle of Bunker Hill (actually Breed’s Hill), 1775