The Daily News | June 11

“Space Oddity” released by David Bowie, 1969
Six Day War ended, 1967
John Llewellyn Lewis, US labor leader, died, 1969
Greeks seized Troy, -1184
Daniel D. Tompkins, 6th US vice president, died, 1825
Comstock Lode discovered, 1859
Mike Schmidt signed by the Philadelphia Phillies, 1971
Belle Boyd, Confederate spy, died, 1900
John Wayne (Marion Michael Morrison), actor, died, 1979
George II became English Sovereign, 1727
Henry Clay Folger Jr, US businessman and industrialist, died, 1930
Karen Ann Quinlan, coma victim, died, 1985
Johnny Van der Meer threw the first of two consecutive no hit games (vs. Boston), 1938
The Gas Light Co. of Baltimore founded, 1816
US Supreme Court struck down an anti-flag burning law earlier passed by Congress, 1990
Mount Pintatubo errupted (Philippines), 1991
Charles Lindbergh welcomed home after making first non-stop flight across the Atlantic, 1927
“ET the Extraterrestrial” first shown, 1982
Major league baseball owners approved sale of Seattle Mariners to a Japanese-led group, 1992
Reverend Quang Duc self-immolated himself, 1963