The Daily News | June 10

German Gestapo burned Lidice, Czechoslovakia, 1942
Louis L’Amour died, 1988
US Marines invaded Cuba in Spanish-American War, 1898
First Apple II shipped, 1977
Denver police tear gas Jethro Tull and 2,000 fans, 1971
Great Arab Revolt began, 1916
First golfer to break 60 in PGA tour (Al Geiberger), 1977
Alexander the Great died, -323
Rhode Island Assembly banned theatrical performances, 1761
First mint in America (Boston), 1652
Jean Vercors, novelist (“Silence of the Sea”), died, 1991
“Octopussy” released in the US, 1983
Lydia Sigourney, US author (“How to Be Happy”), died, 1865
Andre Ampere, French physicist, died, 1836
Joe Nuxhall made his major league debut (at 15 years old), 1944
Claus von Bulow, socialite, acquitted, 1985
Dorothea Dix appointed superintendent of women nurses in Union Army, 1861
Luis Vas de Camoes, Portugese poet, died, 1580
James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King Jr, escaped from prison, 1977
Alcoholics Anonymous founded (Akron, Ohio), 1935
Victoria Chaflin Woodhull, first female candidate for US president, died, 1927
Battle at Brice’s Crossroads (Mississippi), 1864